September Goals

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,
I'll be completely honest with you, originally I was never going to do a monthly goals post on here. Yet, I find myself writing this on a whim. I definitely have some goals to work toward this month, so why not share them?

1. Be ahead in all my classes. I'm taking 5 classes toward my teaching license and work two jobs. Needless to say, time is scarce.
2. Save some money. I'll be honest, I've been spending a lot, and I need to stop.
3. Have some fun. Looking at my agenda (and Google Sheets of classwork I have to do) basically makes me want to cry right now. I need to remember to have some fun (especially because my birthday is this month!).
4. Walk 10,000+ steps a day. Currently I've been walking way more than that, but it's nice to keep it as a constant reminder.
5. Make sure I'm writing in my teaching journal once a day. I started this as a way to remember the activities and other things I do with my kiddos or what I see other teachers doing, with the plan that it will help me once I become a teacher!

 with southern grace,

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