Holiday Budgeting

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The holiday season is here! While I for one am on Nordstorm's side of not starting to celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping has begun! The season is pretty stressful, and adding in packed shopping malls to the equation and it could ruin anyone's good cheer. There are many different ways to help out when it comes to holiday shopping for friends and family.

1. Swagbucks or any other gift card earning site or app. With sites like these, you earn points toward gift cards. You could literally give the person you're shopping for the gift card or you can use the gift card to buy your gift. This way, you're not spending any of your own money and the person really doesn't know that!

2. Baked goods. This might sound silly, but you can literally go out and buy a box to make bread, muffins, or brownies with and then give away whatever baked good you created as the present. Every year, we make some muffins and bread for friends, bank tellers, doctor and nurses, teachers, etc. While this means you're investing a little more time, it's something they'll appreciate. This is getting a little tricky with the increase in gluten, peanuts, and other allergies.

3. Prioritize your money and gift receivers. This might sound harsh, but one of the best things to do is write down who you definitely want to give a present to (parents, siblings, best friend, significant other, littles, etc.), and then how much you want to spend on each person. For instance, I would prioritize my parents, grandmother, brother, and my two best friends. Then I would shop for my littles, other relatives, etc.

4. Use the internet. You can often find some great deals online, and it's much easier to price check online than it is in store (unless you have an app for that). I often shop from home during the holiday season, because I get too anxious being in the overly crowded mall (and quite frankly, I work retail so my store is open the same time others are open and that doesn't leave me a lot of time). I highly suggest Amazon if you want to find some good deals.

5. Go to "discount" stores/shop local. By discount stores I mean TJMaxx, Marshall's, Homegood's, Sam's Club (depending on the item you're looking for), etc. Not only do these stores have great items, they always tend to have a good return policy for the holiday season. Same goes for local shops. You can often get better return policies when shopping local than in large chain stores (unless your wallet allows for you to buy your presents at Nordstrom). 

How do y'all like to budget for the holidays?

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Kayleigh Adam said...

Love these tips to budget! It's so much easier to make goodies for friends!

Savannah Ward said...

#2 is such a great way to save during the Holiday season!

angelintheoutfield said...

Great tips and perfect timing! Definitely going to put these to use this holiday season. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

Breakfast at Lillys said...

Great budgeting tips!
The only people I will be buying gifts for this year are my parents and my fiance, thankfully...but I plan on spoiling them.

xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

Cristina on Campus said...

Baked goods are my favorite to give as gifts! So easy & yummy!

Lauren Ashley said...

I've already started budgeting and preparing! I'm ready!

Nicole said...

Genius ideas! The holidays really kill a budget but these are all fabulous ideas!

Nicole // Chronicling Home

Kate Steadman said...

Very true! And I think that after prioritizing a lot of times you and your loved ones will come to agreements on budgeting ideas also! (ex: none of us will spend more than $20 for a gift)

Sara Kate Styling

Courtney Marshall said...

I was definitely in need of some tips to help me through the holiday shopping! I have a very big family! I love the idea of giving baked goods. I think it's a lot more personal.


Fairy Princess Jord said...

I always set a rough outline of how much I want to spend per person, I find it is definitely helpful!

Annaliese said...

It's so important every year to make a gift list and budget!! I love to Christmas shop early! :-)

xoxo A

Morgan Flinchum said...

Using the internet is a good one!! I didn't start online shopping until a couple of years ago and boy was I missing out on some deals!

How 2 Wear It []

Claudia Jane said...

Great tips!! I need to start my Holiday shopping now!!
xo, claudia

Ashley said...

These are great tips! I've already started to make my list and put a little cash away! I really need to start shopping!

xo Ashley

Alexis Reliford said...

Great tips! #2 is something I definitely recommend, especially for co-workers. They're always--still-super excited and happy you thought of them.

xo Alexis |

A Peachy Sonder said...

These are great ideas! I need to sit down and determine a budget for holiday shopping. Thanks for the reminder!

Seersucker Sass said...

I love discount stores! I always find the best gifts there :)

XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

Nicole Simonetti said...

The besttttt holiday gifts can be found at Marshall's and Home Goods + everything's affordable there. I second that tip! x Nicole |

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes discount stores! And online coupons- I never buy anything without checking out RetailMeNot first!

Courtney//As We Stumble Along

Tiffany Khyla said...

I have a problem with overspending when it comes to Christmas gifta. I'll definitely be utilizing these tips this year!

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