2016's New Year's Goals!

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Hi Y'all,

Sorry for the few posts, but I ended up spending a lot of time at work and a lot of time with family this holiday season.

I originally planned on doing a Holiday wrap up post today, but instead I'm going to save that for Thursday's posts. I've decided I'm only going to blog twice a week instead of every week day, for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I want my posts to be the best they can be. Second, I simply don't have the time to blog every day. I'm not a full time blogger, and I'm going back to school (full time) in January, while still working 40 hour weeks.

Anyway, tonight I sat down and really focused on my goals for 2016. I personally don't believe in resolutions, because mostly they're there for people to forget about.

I only have three because I'm all about quality of quantity.

1. Fitness
  --Workout 3 times a week.
  --Drink more water.
       How do I hold myself accountable?
         --Tracking with apps
         --Online programs like Blogilates and ToneItUp
         --Going to the occasional class
2. Happiness
  -- Incorporating more fitness.
  --Write down three things that make me happy at least three times a week.
  --Blog more--2 times a week.
       How do I hold myself accountable?
         --Writing it down.
         --Blog posts are public for the world to see.
         --Planning ahead
3. Career
  --Take classes toward teaching license.
  --Take and pass tests (VCLA and Pracis Math).
  --Apply to post-bac program (by end of April).
  --Volunteer at elementary school.
  --Apply for TA position.
       How do I hold myself accountable?
          --Studying (for classes and tests).
         --Working hard to be able to afford said tests and classes.
         --Finish everything for application far in advance (hopefully by the first week in March).
         --Setting small goals to help reach the bigger ones.

with southern grace,

A Day in the Life

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Hi Y'all,

Somehow it's already mid-December and the 12 days of Christmas are here.

As you probably noticed, I didn't blog much last week because I hit a very stressful period of time at work which led to a stressful period in my personal life. However, it led me to a great blog post idea! (Spoiler: It's a Day in the Life Post).

Anyways, this is what I do on a daily basis:

6:30-6:45 a.m. // wake up and start my day! AKA check Twitter, Instagram, play solitaire, etc.
6:45-7:30ish a.m. // Get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready to leave my house for the day.
7:45-9:30 a.m. // volunteer at elementary school. I'm going back to school to be a teacher, and I volunteer in a 5th grade classroom every day Monday-Friday. Since I work retail, I sometimes have days off during the week, and on those days I'm there until 1:00.
9:45ish a.m.-6:00ish p.m. // Work. I work in retail, so our hours are a little flexible (we stay open until the last customer leaves).
6:30 p.m. // dinner. I head up and dinner is usually ready or just about ready.
7:30- 8:00 p.m. // bath/get ready for bed. I get ready for bed super early so I don't have to worry about it later on when my parents are getting ready for bed.
8:00-9:30 p.m. // spend time on social media, blog, etc. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and reading others' blog posts.
9:30-10:00 p.m. // turn on Netflix and fall asleep. I always fall asleep watching Netflix (it's kind of a problem).

with southern grace,


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Hi y'all,
Last week we covered everything about Maybelline, and now we're on to Covergirl.

Kicking it with Kiel James Patrick

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,
Today's post is literally coming at the perfect time, because I just got my latest purchase from Kiel James Patrick. I absolutely adore KJP and their business model. The basic idea is "made in America". KJP and team create as much of their product in the USA as they can. They obviously outsource materials, but everything is made in the good ol' USA. While I've never tried his apparel or shoes, I love his jewelry. It's super durable (a lot of his products are made out of rope, so they do stretch a tad bit).

They also create their own advertisement using their real life situations and use Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter as their primary outlets for advertisement. I personally follow Kiel, his fiance Sarah, and a few of their employees. A personal favorite of mine is Sean Gale Burke. His social media accounts are great, and it's very obvious he lives "the KJP lifestyle" all the time.

You'll probably notice they don't advertise their products on their social media accounts in the normal sense. They're wearing their products, but they never tag them unless it's about a discount code. You can often find them during the various holidays.

What is the KJP lifestyle?
Very New England. Classic, fun, East Coast, elegant, all American, "preppy".

Where can I catch up with them?
Various social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat.
You can also check out Sarah's blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

Want a chance to work with KJP?
Every summer they take interns, it's the Summer Adventure Program, and it looks so fun!

Kiel James Patrick and his crew are re-creating the American dream, one bracelet at a time.

with southern grace,

*All information from various interviews, including Mimosas & Profiles

Handling your Family during the Holidays

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,
Everyone knows that family is either the best or the worst (or both) parts of the holiday season. Whether it's your friends that you consider family or your actual biological family, it can be tough!

There are definitely some ways to make spending time with family easier!

Your Guide to Gift Planning

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,
Welcome to Blogmas! Today is the first official post in Blogmas, which I'm super excited about. Basically, for me Blogmas will be blogging every day, Monday through Friday the entire month of December. Not every post is going to be Christmas/holiday related-it just so happens this one is!

Today's post is all about planning gifts out!

Look forward to December/Blogmas!

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Hi Y'all,

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know there isn't a new blog post today; however, I'm blogging every day Monday-Friday during the month of December. I already have all of them planned out (except for Thursday posts, if you have any suggestions, please leave them here!).

Also, you can officially follow With Southern Grace on Bloglovin'! Just click here

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Relationships 101: Holiday Gift Guides for Him and for Her

8:00 AM

Gifts for him:

Yeti Tumbler // 29.99-39.99 // perfect for the outdoorsman or just the tea or water drinker in your life. These babies are known for keeping your liquids COLD. They're also insanely comfortable to hold in your hand. They're also engravable for that extra bit of personalization!

Southern Proper "All Prep" Fleece Pullover // $125 + shipping // These are way better than Pategonia's! They're super warm, great pockets, and preppy! Basically, everything you need a in a fleece! Natty Beau also offers a variety of Southern Proper, Barbour, and Smathers and Branson just to name a few.

Wallet // varies // Guys collect wallets like girls collect bags (or so it seems). Every guy on your list probably wants (or needs) a new wallet. You can find them in almost every store you go in whether it's Marshall's or Nordstrom. You can order personalized ones as well!

Favorite alcohol // varies // Guys really aren't hard to figure out, in most cases alcohol is a winner.

Wireless headphones// sale: $99 // This is a win-win present because he gets to listen to his favorite tv program (probably football) and you get peace and quiet! 

Gifts for her:

Scarf// varies // You really can't go wrong with a new scarf for the lady in your life. Not only are they always fashionable, but it shows that you care about her well being. Barbour makes a great quality scarf, and they're timeless!

Monogrammed Jewelry // varies // This is a sure fire way to win, most girls love a good monogram! Plus, it shows you put in a little extra effort with the personalization.

Coupon book// varies // This might sound silly, and like something a child might do for their parent (no, but really I had to do this when I was in elementary school for Mother's Day one year). But, make a coupon book of IOUs for the lady in your life. Not only does it show you care, but you're taking tasks of her hands that she probably doesn't enjoy. Plus, you get something out of the deal, too: her happiness.

Fleece Blanket // varies // This is a great gift for literally anyone in your life. However, I know I spend the majority of my time frozen, and I absolutely adore a good fleece blanket (hence, why I sleep with 5 of them on my bed). You can also literally find these anywhere, Home Goods is a great place to check, as well as Target!

FitBit // varies on model choice // Everyone is super into fitness, especially right after the holidays, I absolutely adore my Fitbit, and suggest one to literally everyone! It not only provides a great method for keeping track of your fitness, it provides a fitness community for you and your fit lovin' friends!

with southern grace,

Tips 'n' Tricks: Time Management

8:00 AM

Hi y'all!
Today's post is on a subject I had to master in college, and I'm sure it's a struggle for y'all just as much as it still is for me! I've come up with 10 tried and true tips 'n' tricks for handling time management! 

1. Write everything down. I literally mean everything. I will literally write down "wake up", "make bed", "eat breakfast", "eat lunch", "eat dinner", "shower", "workout" just to name a few. In case you were wondering, I am that person who writes down something they've already done to make me feel like I've accomplished something.

2. Strategize. Think about what's going to take up the majority of your time, and start with that task. For me, writing a paper is going to take a lot longer than a few math problems just because I research (and edit) a lot. This also includes working ahead. Start the paper early if you know it's going to take you a while. Read the chapter before your professor talks about it in class. Put your laundry in the wash while you cook dinner.

3. Set a timer. Literally for anywhere from 30-45 minutes. In that amount of time, do nothing but work on whatever task you need to get done. When that time is up, take a break for 15 minutes. You'll be shocked how much you can get done when you give yourself a time limit. 

4. Put your phone on "do not disturb". You can also download apps so that you can't access certain sites, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This helps you stay focused on the task at hand instead of a variety of other possible distractions.

5. Say No. This one can be super hard, but say no to something if you really don't have the time to devote to it.

6. Reward yourself. I'm super guilty of sometimes over rewarding myself, but this is a great tip. If you know you're working toward something you're more likely to get the task done more efficiently.

7. Start Earlier. Don't feel like you have enough hours in the day to get everything done? Wake up a few minutes earlier to get everything accomplished!

8. Distribute your tasks. Can someone help you accomplish something? Great! Hand over whatever task it is to them...you'll thank yourself later.

9. Work on the go. Have a phone call to make, yet you need to be walking or driving somewhere? Take the phone call while you're driving or walking!

10. Sleep on it. It's ok that you don't finish everything on your to do list. As long as you got done the top priority items, you're good!

What tips do y'all have for time management?

with southern grace,

Makeup Monday: Loreal Paris

8:00 AM

-French Company
-World's largest cosmetic company
-Have a product in every area of cosmetics and beauty: hair care/color, makeup, skincare, skin protection, etc.
-Started in 1919
-Multiple subsidiaries, including (but not limited to): Maybelline and The Body Shop, Essie, NYX, and Urban Decay

Favorite Products
-Volumuous Mascara-original formula
-Infallible foundation

Products I'm Interested In
-Color Riche Lip Pen (probably in the Le Lacque one)

I was really shocked to learn that Loreal owned so many other brands, including the likes of Ralph Lauren (their fragrances), NYX, Essie, Urban Decay, Clarisonic, Garnier, and Redken just to name a few.

What are your favorite Loreal Paris products?

with southern grace,

je t'aime J.Crew

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,

Today's post is all about my love for J.Crew!

J.Crew Groups Inc. actually began back in 1947. It's an American, multi-brand and channel group. J.Crew Groups Inc. includes: J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Crew Cuts (kids' brand), Madewell, online, and catalog sales.

Originally, J. Crew Groups Inc. was run under the name "Popular Club Plan", and the idea was "a Ralph Lauren look for a lesser expense". In 1989, "Popular Club Plan" became J.Crew Groups Inc. The first store front was in Manahattan. The group opened their first international store in 2011 in Canada. Madewell became part of the J. Crew family in 2004.

That's the basics of the company thanks to Wikipedia (don't worry, multiple other sources confirm the same information).

However, here's why I love J. Crew:

1. Classic Look: I never have to worry about my items going out of style.

2. High quality. I don't really have to worry about them getting holes or fraying.

3. The cost. You're probably like you're crazy, but J. Crew often has great sales, and so does J. Crew Factory!

4. The options. I never leave J. Crew disappointed because I always feel like they have tons of options!

5. Comfort. No matter what, when I buy anything from J. Crew I know it's going to be comfortable no matter what item it is!

What do y'all love about J. Crew? Or, do you prefer another great clothing brand?

with southern grace,

Thankful Thursday: Blogging

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,

Today I don't have a fun little graphic or anything like that, because I'm getting down the nitty gritty of what I'm thankful for: blogging!

This is my second blog, and in all honesty, the one I'm super glad I've started. Lindsey's Thoughts was really a place for me to share certain aspects of my life as I grew through my college years.

Shockingly enough, I'm going back to school for my Post-Bac so you'll still get some school related posts, especially since I'm going back to school for my teaching license!

I'm thankful for blogging because it gives me an outlet to write down words. I spend a lot of time during the day dealing with customer service issues. Often times, the people I'm dealing with are rude and/or inconsiderate of my feelings. I don't spend a lot of time writing unless it's an email requesting something from one of our other stores.

I'm thankful for blogging because it gives me a chance to express myself. This is the only forum where I am given the opportunity to share with the world like I am in a blog post.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to do something I love, on my terms. Often times, I think about what I want in life and realize how little I am actually given the opportunity to say/do what I want. With blogging, I am given that opportunity. I can say yes to whomever I want, but I can also turn down offers.

I'm thankful for the creative outlet. I'm thankful for a place where I can write, take photographs for, edit photographs and words alike, etc. I cannot tell you how often I see college students burned out because all these do is school and resume enticing volunteerism and jobs. This is my outlet to prevent me getting burned out from work (and just 12 credit hours plus a full time job next semester).

I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my story. I wrote a lot about my struggles with anxiety and bullying along with the toughness of college. However, I also got to share with you my travels, my promotions, and other joyous occasions!

I'm thankful for blogging, what are you thankful for?

with southern grace,

Relationships 101: The Bully

8:00 AM

Hi y'all,

Today's post is one that is very close to my heart... the relationship with "the bully". At some point in everyone's life, you will probably have someone pick on you or be downright hateful to you, for no reason.

Now, I will be the first to say that there is no "single" answer as to how to handle a bully situation correctly. Every person is different. Some will stop if you just ignore them, others take serious consequences before their behavior changes.

1. Analyze the threat. How big of a threat is this person? Are they just picking on you? Are they threatening to hurt you? If it's the latter, find help/safe space immediately. If they're just picking on you, ask them, politely, to stop. Another option is to just ignore them.

2. Realize who you can rely on. When someone is being mean/bullying you, it is very easy to think you're alone. In fact, a lot of bullies thrive off of making their victim feel alone. It's very important that you have at least one person that you can talk to about the situation.

3. Concentrate on the good. At the end of the day, you've probably spent the majority of the day being miserable. I think it's very important that you take some time at the end of the day and think of at least one good thing that happened. It can be anything from getting a good grade on a difficult test or saying "hi" to someone new.

4. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. I think it's extremely important to step out of your comfort zone, but this shows the bully that they don't hold any power over you.

5. Have fun/ Be Happy. Literally the worse thing to a bully is you having fun/being happy. They want to suck all the happiness and fun out of your world. By even giving the appearance that you're happy, they'll lose interest.

with southern grace,