Makeup Monday: All About Maybelline

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Hey y'all,
I'm sure you've all heard and seen the "maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline" commercials and advertisements.

As you've probably seen for the past two Mondays, my Monday posts are typically make up related (at least for the time being)....this week's post is all about the brand Maybelline....

The Basics about Maybelline:
From the website:"From a small, family-owned business to the number one* cosmetics company in America, Maybelline New York takes trends from the catwalk to the sidewalk, empowering women to make a statement, explore new looks, and flaunt their own creativity and individuality. Inspired by confident, accomplished women, Maybelline gives you scientifically-advanced formulas, revolutionary textures and up-to-the-minute, trendsetting shades effortlessly, affordably, beautifully." 
*Maybelline claims to be the number one cosmetic company is the US based on sales between 1/1/10 and 12/26/10.

Parent company: Loreal

Started in 1915 by Tom Lyle Williams, who named the company "Maybelline" in honor of his sister Mabel, whom he got the idea for after watching her apply vaseline and coal dust as mascara.

Located: Little Rock, Arkansas (since 1975)

Animal testing?: No!

Drugstore brand: Yes!

What does Maybelline have in their line?
Maybelline sells everything for your makeup needs: the actual products (foundations, blushes, bronzers, nail polishes, etc.) to the applicators.

On the Website:
Video tutorials, makeup trends, and makeup tips.

You can search for product based on the exact type of product you are looking for or what you are looking for in a product (particular finish, etc.)

My Favorite Products:
Line Stilleto Ultimite Precision Liner
Masterdrama cream pencil (eyeliner)- This is a great dupe for the Stila eyeliner.
'The nudes' eyeshadow palette (the original)
"Expert Wear" eyeshadow (I use this to fill in my brows)
"Color sensational" lipstick
"Color sensational" lip gloss

Do y'all have any favorite products by Maybelline?

with southern grace,

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, I am not being compensated in any way for this post. 


Breakfast at Lillys said...

I love the Color Sensational products.
Maybelline is one of my favorite drug store brands.

xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

Nicole said...

This is perfect! Thank you for sharing! I love Maybelline and I really love they don't animal test!

Nicole // Chronicling Home

Lindsey Martin said...

Mine too! I can't wait to explore more them in the coming weeks!
with southern grace,

Lindsey Martin said...

Me too! I hate to think of those poor little helpless animals going through such awful treatment! I love that I don't have to worry about that with Maybelline!

with southern grace,

Lindsey Martin said...

I have used Maybelline products in the past, but I recently splurged on all new makeup from NARS! It honestly might have been one of the best decisions I could have made! I do still buy drugstore glosses and lipsticks though.. I can't afford to constantly buy expensive ones :P

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