Last Day of School Anxieties

7:00 AM

Hi y'all,

Well, it came so fast (as it does every year), but tomorrow is the last day of school.

I've had children be "hurt" more than usual this week, seen more tears and fits, and overall general anxiety about the school year ending than I ever thought possible. I've also gotten more "I'm going to miss you" and hugs than I ever though possible. 

I work in two grades (first and second), and one of my first graders was telling me how he wanted to stay in first grade forever. Have his summers but every year go back to first grade every August. I looked at him and told him "that's awful silly". "But if we go to second grade we get Ms. Martin again!" shouted one student.

...except maybe not. I'm leaving behind my TA job to student teach this fall. While the main university in my hometown has already had their student teaching "match day" and know where they'll be (and most have already met with their mentor teacher), I have no idea where I'll be. I don't know what school, what grade, teacher, nothing. I might not even know something until late July. 

It's hard. Come tomorrow at 2:20, I'll be leaving behind a school that has literally raised me. My brother started there when I was around 2 1/2 turning 3. I went to school there. Most of my teachers are still there. It's hard to believe that this place has been around that long, but I'm super glad that it has. It's taught me how to be a good student and a great teacher. 

I haven't quite figured out how to tell them (my students) that I don't know what my plans are for the fall, and it's making it harder to tell them. I also know they're attached. Probably just as attached to me as I am to them at this point.

I'm hoping that I'll be put in a classroom at the school I currently work at. I'm checking my email religiously, hoping that I can find out something (literally anything). 

This was when I realized, I feel the same way my kids do. I have the same anxieties because I don't know what will happen come August. 

While some of my kids are excited for what the summer brings (camp, vacations, unlimited tablet playing time), others want the structure of school. 

I have two math methods classes to finish up this summer and one licensure test left before student teaching. Plus I have some other fun plans in the works. 

with southern grace,

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