Back to School Necessities

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Hi y'all,
It's now August, which means it is officially Back to School season! Fall and Back to School are my two favorite things season wise, so I'm so glad they're right next to each other.

As I am starting to move into the teaching realm and not so much the student realm, I realize what is actually necessary to buy versus what is not.

I sat down to write this post and really thought about the things I used while I was in school. I know that my mom was always the one to buy everything on the list, in reality we rarely ever needed it all.

high school:
-binders with loose leaf paper in it (this was a necessity at my high school)
-pens and pencils (I always preferred mechanical pencils).
-backpack (in my high school, you carried around everything all the time, no one uses their lockers).
-agenda (there are so many great ones out there!).

-textbooks (buy or rent).
-spiral notebooks
-pens (pencils if taking math)
-tote bag (great for looking professional)
-backpack (great for a rainy day)
-sticky notes
-dry erase board and markers
-sticky notes
-agenda (you probably need a bigger one than you did in high school).
-water bottle
-pocket tissues
-ID case/holder (great for keeping your money, phone, and ID all together).

What are your necessities?
with southern grace,

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