Teacher Prep: Lesson Planning

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Hi Y'all,
As well all know, we're getting closer and closer to the start of school (if it hasn't started already for some of y'all!). This means lesson planning time is here! I prefer to start my school year as prepared as I can be.

I am one of those people that gets really excited about the start of the school year and even though I'm still super anxious/stressed out about it. Let's be clear, I'm not anxious/stressed out that school is starting because it's school, I'm stressed out because I still don't have my student teaching placement!

I had to do a unit plan for a class this past spring. We had to come up with 10 lessons and an assessment. I talk all about it here. We were required to use the "WhereTo" model and Backwards Design by Wiggins and McTighe.

In this model, you start with the Essential Understandings and Essentials Questions (essentially what you want students to know). Here in Virginia, we have the SOLs to go by, thus making this part super easy.

Next you decide the assessment aspect. Basically, how do you know your students understand the Essential Understandings and Questions.

After you decide the assessment part, you write out the actual lesson plan (how you present the information to your students).

Last but not least, write down everything you need for the lesson (this includes things like the white board/smart board, markers, etc).

I really like how this works because it makes it super easy for sub plans!

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