All the Deets: Shopping Local & Small Business

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Hi Y'all,

I for one have worked both corporate and locally owned retail jobs. I'm a big proponent of small, family run businesses (both my parents are entrepreneurs); however, both my brother and I work/will work for larger companies/the local government (my brother works in IT and I'm finishing up my teaching licensure). 

There are tons of perks to shopping your local community:

1. Money stays in your community. Often times when you shop with a big corporation, the money has to go to other aspects of the company. When you shop local, it has no where else to get!

2. You know the people. You know who you're shopping with. You have probably grown up knowing the person who is assisting you the in the store.

3. Better customer service. Who doesn't want better customer service? We want you to shop with us, so we're willing to work with you.

4. We can get what you want easier. Since the employees have direct contact with the buyer (or can make suggestions to someone who does) over a company that only looks at numbers. The employees can say things like "I've had multiple women come in interested in this type of product by this company". Then, the owner or the buyer can look into getting in stock. Likewise, custom ordering something is often easier. 

5. Improve your community/Make it what you want. Wherever you chose to give your business will succeed more than a business people aren't buying from. Personally, I've stopped shopping at some local businesses because they've upset me so much.

Do y'all shop local? Or do you chose to go to department/corporate stores?

with southern grace,

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