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Hi Y'all,

I am normally not one to rave about an app, because quite frankly I rarely use an app enough to rave about it.

However, the Mint app is one that I keep coming back to. This app helps you with all your financials. It even gives you tips on how to make more money (for instance, it suggested that I look into some online banks for a savings account because I could be receiving a higher interest rate than at my home bank). I ended up doing this, and I'm glad I did!

I love that it helps you create a budget, and alerts you when you're close to/over it. I tried (and failed) at using a google sheet to budget. I always had to manually go in and change it. Then, if I used a gift card somewhere I felt like I still needed to write that down. But, with the Mint app, it doesn't even know the gift card exists and really focuses on your bank account information.

In fact, I love this app so much that it made it onto my bookmarks bar (which has important social media, one of my banks, school, and medical sign in places).

One of my favorite aspects is you can link every account you have. I have two savings accounts, checking, and multiple credit cards that are all kept on track in one place. This also means that the app takes all this information into my budgets so I don't have to do it. 

Plus, all of this information is right at your finger tips, no more toggling back and forth between all your credit card companies, banks, etc. 

This app lets you know when you made a big deposit, or if you've got low funds (great if you use a debit card). It also lets you know when your bills are due for all your linked accounts. 

The only fault that I can find with it (and it might be my bank's fault) is that it disconnects from my primary bank. This is obviously frustrating, but it also lets me know via email that this happened. 

Do y'all have any apps that you love? Comment below and let me know!

with southern grace,

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