Relationships 101: Holiday Gift Guides for Him and for Her

8:00 AM

Gifts for him:

Yeti Tumbler // 29.99-39.99 // perfect for the outdoorsman or just the tea or water drinker in your life. These babies are known for keeping your liquids COLD. They're also insanely comfortable to hold in your hand. They're also engravable for that extra bit of personalization!

Southern Proper "All Prep" Fleece Pullover // $125 + shipping // These are way better than Pategonia's! They're super warm, great pockets, and preppy! Basically, everything you need a in a fleece! Natty Beau also offers a variety of Southern Proper, Barbour, and Smathers and Branson just to name a few.

Wallet // varies // Guys collect wallets like girls collect bags (or so it seems). Every guy on your list probably wants (or needs) a new wallet. You can find them in almost every store you go in whether it's Marshall's or Nordstrom. You can order personalized ones as well!

Favorite alcohol // varies // Guys really aren't hard to figure out, in most cases alcohol is a winner.

Wireless headphones// sale: $99 // This is a win-win present because he gets to listen to his favorite tv program (probably football) and you get peace and quiet! 

Gifts for her:

Scarf// varies // You really can't go wrong with a new scarf for the lady in your life. Not only are they always fashionable, but it shows that you care about her well being. Barbour makes a great quality scarf, and they're timeless!

Monogrammed Jewelry // varies // This is a sure fire way to win, most girls love a good monogram! Plus, it shows you put in a little extra effort with the personalization.

Coupon book// varies // This might sound silly, and like something a child might do for their parent (no, but really I had to do this when I was in elementary school for Mother's Day one year). But, make a coupon book of IOUs for the lady in your life. Not only does it show you care, but you're taking tasks of her hands that she probably doesn't enjoy. Plus, you get something out of the deal, too: her happiness.

Fleece Blanket // varies // This is a great gift for literally anyone in your life. However, I know I spend the majority of my time frozen, and I absolutely adore a good fleece blanket (hence, why I sleep with 5 of them on my bed). You can also literally find these anywhere, Home Goods is a great place to check, as well as Target!

FitBit // varies on model choice // Everyone is super into fitness, especially right after the holidays, I absolutely adore my Fitbit, and suggest one to literally everyone! It not only provides a great method for keeping track of your fitness, it provides a fitness community for you and your fit lovin' friends!

with southern grace,

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