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Hi Y'all,
It's almost Thanksgiving (and only 5 Mondays left 'til Christmas)...which means it's almost time for final exams.

Studying is crucial for all those comprehensive exams that are right around the corner.

The key to a good study guide is good information, easy to understand, and neat.

Good information comes from both notes and your textbook (if applicable). I try and read the textbook as we go through the class, but if I don't have time for that, I go through the textbook while I'm making the study guide to fill in any gaps or to add more information to help me understand the subject more.

Useful tip: I always type my study guides so I make sure I have all the information, then I print it and write/highlight on it. I often type my textbook notes to make this a little less time consuming.

Easy to understand means that you have to understand every single bit of information on that study guide. This means changing words around and really thinking while you make your study guide. This means it's going to take time since you won't be "copying and pasting" the information.

Neat means that your study guide is readable and comprehendable. This means no messy handwriting (also the neater your handwriting the more time you're spending on it, which means you're spending more time with the material). I also don't clutter my study guides with page numbers, dates of class notes, etc.

How do y'all like to write your study guides?

with southern grace,

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