Handling your Family during the Holidays

8:00 AM

Hi Y'all,
Everyone knows that family is either the best or the worst (or both) parts of the holiday season. Whether it's your friends that you consider family or your actual biological family, it can be tough!

There are definitely some ways to make spending time with family easier!

1. Say hello. That's right, greet your family as soon as they arrive or you arrive.

2. Talk about neutral topics. Take the "three b's" out of the equation. That's Booze, Barack, and Bucks. Technically, there is the fourth b, Bible, but all of the holidays around this time are related to a religion in some way; therefore, we can let that one slide.

3. Separate yourselves. It's okay to not spend every waking second with your guests. Take time to be by yourself, even if it's just in another room.

4. Allow your family to help. Especially if your family is staying with you, don't be Superwoman or Superman and do all the work yourself. They're offering (hopefully, because they really want to and not out of obligation), so take them up on it!

5. Get outside. I will be the first person to say that getting outside allows for better relations with people. It takes away the confinement feeling of being inside, plus you have space to play games and run around (especially if there are little ones around-or big ones who think they are little ones!).

with southern grace,

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