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Hi Y'all,
Today's post is literally coming at the perfect time, because I just got my latest purchase from Kiel James Patrick. I absolutely adore KJP and their business model. The basic idea is "made in America". KJP and team create as much of their product in the USA as they can. They obviously outsource materials, but everything is made in the good ol' USA. While I've never tried his apparel or shoes, I love his jewelry. It's super durable (a lot of his products are made out of rope, so they do stretch a tad bit).

They also create their own advertisement using their real life situations and use Instagram, Snap Chat, and Twitter as their primary outlets for advertisement. I personally follow Kiel, his fiance Sarah, and a few of their employees. A personal favorite of mine is Sean Gale Burke. His social media accounts are great, and it's very obvious he lives "the KJP lifestyle" all the time.

You'll probably notice they don't advertise their products on their social media accounts in the normal sense. They're wearing their products, but they never tag them unless it's about a discount code. You can often find them during the various holidays.

What is the KJP lifestyle?
Very New England. Classic, fun, East Coast, elegant, all American, "preppy".

Where can I catch up with them?
Various social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat.
You can also check out Sarah's blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls.

Want a chance to work with KJP?
Every summer they take interns, it's the Summer Adventure Program, and it looks so fun!

Kiel James Patrick and his crew are re-creating the American dream, one bracelet at a time.

with southern grace,

*All information from various interviews, including Mimosas & Profiles

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