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Last week we covered everything about Maybelline, and now we're on to Covergirl.

For those of you that don't know, Covergirl is an American drugstore cosmetics brand. Their biggest competition is Maybelline due to the similar consumers they market to. Covergirl was founded in Maryland, and is now a P&G (Procter and Gamble) brand.  Apparently, Covergirl does not have great customer service, so they make up for it by having a large variety of products to choose from. Covergirl was created from the idea that "cover girls" of various magazines wore their products for their cover shoots. In 1985, their current slogan, "easy, breezy, beautiful..." began.The first line was "clean makeup" and was launched in 1961. The idea behind it was medicated cosmetics, and is still produced today. Covergirl has hired a variety of spokeswomen including: Taylor Swift, Tyra Banks, Ellen, Faith Hill, and Drew Berrymore.The brand has also given $100,000 contracts to the winners of season 3 through 18 of America's Next Top Model. In 2011, P&G launched their "clean water" campaign, which Covergirl gave 100% of proceeds of their special 50th anniversary powders.

Favorite products:

  • Clump Crusher Mascara (the green tube)
  • Full Lash Bloom Mascara (the pink tube)
  • Lashblash Volume Mascara (the orange tube)
  • Liquiline Blast Eyeline
  • Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation
  • Colorlicious Jumbo gloss balm sheers

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