Blog Break Over but Why it was Important

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Hi y'all,
I have some good news for you, my blogging break is over! I know, I keep saying that, but this time it is really true.

I have two months worth of content planned out, but first let me tell you why this break was really important to me.

I'm still a full time college student working toward my teaching licensure. The state of Virginia is one of the toughest states to get licensed in. Why? Super high test scores are required and lots of classes. I'm now on the tail end of my program, with only potentially a few classes left for summer, one more test requirement, and student teaching this fall (as long as everything goes as planned).

I'm super lucky so far and all of my hard work has been paying off. I currently have the highest GPA I've had in years and have only received one B (and the professor gave everyone a B because it was his first time teaching a college level class). Which, if you knew me during my time at CNU, this is pretty shocking that the lowest grade I received was that B. Often times at CNU, I was working way too hard to earn a B- (which before college, a B was practically unheard of on a report card). But while doing this program I've also worked two jobs consistently. Luckily, one of them is in my elementary school with pretty cute kids (and boy do I have stories for days).

Now, as I mentioned above, my blogging break is over. However, I still need to tell you my plans! This summer, I will only be working one job again and only potentially taking classes (which, if I do have to take classes they'll be in math, which is my strongest subject apparently). This means I have more time to do what I love, spending time writing this blog. As of right now, I plan to have posts up Monday through Friday at 8 am. My content will be changing a little bit though. It won't just be fashion related, but will also have tips 'n' tricks, teaching ideas, and so much more. There are so many things that I have experienced, some are great, while others were definitely learning experiences. Even as I write this post, I feel more rejuvenated than I have in months. I feel inspired and ready to share with the world (or at least the internet), my story as I continue to learn and become more like a "real adult" versus the "pretend one" I've been for the past 2 years (and boy it does not seem like I graduated from CNU 2 years ago). I even felt so inspired that I made my best friend's graduation card and my mom's mother's day card (I'm sorry now), and while I'm not going to be a paid artist any time soon, it tells me I'm going in the right direction. This blogging break was so necessary, because now I feel like I can take it seriously and not be as overwhelmed as I felt before. Plus, this means better content that is far more genuine than anything I would have produced before. And being genuine is one of the most important things to me.

Blogging for me has always been a hobby. I want it to continue to be a hobby and my outlet, especially as I am going into one of the more critical parts of my education to be a teacher. Plus, I want to be able to share with y'all how I get through it all, because I don't think it is talked about enough. I can't say I'll be 100% transparent with y'all, I will definitely share with you what I'm able to. Plus, you can always see in my life on personal Instagram and Twitter, as well as my blog Instagram.

I love sharing with y'all different things that I fall in love with, and don't worry that part won't be going away. I'm just adding more to make this little slice of the internet more me.

I started this blog back in November of 2015. Back then, I was only thinking of going back to school for my teaching licensure; however, knew I was pretty unhappy with my life at the time (but more on that at a later time). This blog was created because I felt I had outgrown my old one (Lindsey's Thoughts). I blogged over there for all of college. I talked about how I decided to go to college, my sorority experience, studying abroad in my favorite country, and graduation. This blog is all about my post grad life and I can't wait to share more with you as I finish my Post Bac and really move into the "adult world".

I can't wait to share more with y'all.
 with southern grace,

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