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Hi Y'all,
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm going to be doing more education/teacher related posts. This one is all about the Praxis tests, which are required in all states. The only difference between states is the score needed to pass them.

These tests seem really scary because if you don't pass them, you can't get licensed.

So, I still have to take one "praxis" test, the RVE. I luckily have already passed all the others.

Here are a few tips to help you pass the praxis.

1. Pay attention in class. You're probably in teacher education courses, and those classes that teach us content seem awfully boring (because let's face it, we just want to be teaching the class), but they're actually useful. Plus, you've been educated for many years and all of that background knowledge is actually useful.

2. Buy the study guide from the ETS/Praxis people. No joke, this was actually useful. It helps you with timing, but I also felt more at ease with the questions I was asked on the actual test.

3. Actually study. Take the time to take a few practice tests and read those notes again. Don't assume you know the information.

4. Read the questions. Make sure you know what the question says and what it is actually asking. Especially in math, you might not have to solve the problem.

5. Be prepared to not take a break. I personally didn't take a break and I think that actually helped me because it was easier to just finish the test.

6. Pace yourself. Know how fast you have to move through the questions.

7. Only take what you need to the testing center. Don't worry about your jacket, keys, etc. if you don't need to.

8. Dress warmly. If you can, wear a sweatshirt or sweater.

9. Don't over hydrate. Again, you can't just get up whenever you want, and you want to be able to focus on your test instead of your bladder.

10. Have confidence in yourself. While, I did not full apply this tip, I still managed to do well and got more comfortable with the test as I kept going because I knew that I got a few answers correct and it kept snowballing from there.

Have you taken the Praxis? What are your tips?
with southern grace,

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