Let's Go Back to Real Relationships

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Hi y’all,

Tinder. Bumble. Farmer’s Only. You’ve seen the ads, you’ve heard your friends talk about them. You’ve probably even used them. 

So this might sound ridiculous, but what happened to the old fashioned days of dating?

I cannot tell you the amount of people who will tell me the only way to get a date is to either use an app or go to a bar and get drunk. 

Hello, seriously? Is there no other way to meet people?

I do know people who have successful relationships (and most likely would not have met otherwise) from either websites or Tinder. 

What really kills me more than anything else is “friends” won’t set up their male friends with a female friend. When I asked people why they wouldn’t do this, they said “I don’t want anyone to have to put up with that”. Why are you friends with them then? 

While I don’t think the most important thing in life is having a significant other (sign me up to be a puppy mom, please). I do think it is important to have good quality friendships and people who care about you. 

Now, I was never the popular kid in school (and I really wouldn’t change that fact). I learned how to be a friend with myself and I truly value the friendships I do have. However, finding a significant other has been tough. I have been able to put myself first, though. I have increased by education, decided what I actually wanted to do with my life, and am more financially stable than I thought I would be. I won’t apologize for who I am. I will most certainly continue to wear the same style of clothes, being willing to get my hands dirty at any time, and work toward my own personal goals. 

I’ve also noticed that when my friends and other people I know go on dates, their dates don’t treat them the old fashioned way. Doors aren’t held open. Heck, some don’t even come to the door to get their date. Instead, the cool thing to do is “hide” your relationship.

Bottom of the line: It’s not okay for you to feel awful about yourself because your date doesn’t treat you the right way. Instead, stand up for yourself. Believe me, this relationship won’t be your last.

with southern grace,

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