Surviving Long Distance Friendships

8:00 AM

Hi y'all,

As many college students head home for summer, this is the longest time period you'll be away from your college friends (assuming y'all are all returning in the fall).

I know that I definitely missed my roommate, sorority sisters, and my best friend (who ended up transferring and even moving states).

But y'all, what a time to be alive. Technology changes the face of the long distance friendship or relationship.

1. Facetime. Guys, I cannot tell you how useful Facetime actually is. I got to "meet" my long distance diamond sister, and see my best friend's apartment in Chicago (and her dog). You can even facetime during your favorite t.v. shows, so its just like you're watching them together.

2. Texts. While a text can be easily ignored, your friends will answer your {eventually}. It's a great way to be in constant communication.

3. Hand written letters/cards. I absolutely adore a handwritten note. I keep almost all of them. Not only are they a great way to keep in touch, but they're a great way to remember your friendship over many years, even decades or centuries.

4. Start a Youtube channel. You can start your own YouTube channels and both upload to it. This allows all your college friends to see what you're doing (and maybe even make you some pocket change).

5. Make plans to visit. Chances are y'all will have some free time during the summer and if you don't live too far apart, you can probably set up a visit or two.

It's also important to keep in mind that you might grow apart, even just a little during these 3 months apart.

Likewise, it is important to prioritize your school friends, just as much as your hometown friends during the summer months.

with southern grace,

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