Packing for the Long Weekend

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Hi y'all,

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, and I bet you that unlike me, you probably are going on an extended trip (I have to work on Saturday morning). 

While I’m sad that I have to cut my plans short, I thought I would give a few quick tips for packing for your long.

Packing for the Long Weekend

Pack Necessitates
Less technology is more
Duffle bag
Separate your jewelry

  1. Pack what you (realistically) need. I am for sure someone who over packs. I have found it super useful to lay out the outfits you plan on wearing. This way, you know exactly what you have and what else you need to pick out. This also means don’t pack a lot of makeup. Chances are you won’t need it.
  2. Bring sunscreen. This is something I almost always forget to bring, but should. Especially during big holiday weekends it can be hard to either find sunscreen or a hassle. 
  3. Don’t bring all your technology. Take a break and enjoy your weekend. You don’t need your laptop, iPad, phone, and iPod. Maybe, just you’re phone. But, don’t forget to put it down and remember your charger.
  4. Use a flexible suitcase. Instead of using one of those rolling hard suitcases all the time, use a duffle bag. This is a total game changer because you can put it in places in a car you can’t put a hard suitcases, and you can also pack a little bit more because it’s flexible.
  5. Pack jewelry in little bags. This sounds really silly, but if you’ve ever bought from Kendra Scott, you get a bag with each piece. Keep them! Use them to individually pack your jewelry pieces. It prevents tangling and keeps the jewelry cleaner.

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